In Café Jurado we have been transmitting knowledge about coffee for four generations. Today we are proud to tell you that our commitment to transmit this knowledge has finally been materialized in our Barista Courses at our Coffee School. Since we gave you the news of its inauguration until today you have been many who have shown interest in the courses and it is for that reason we want you to know that from now on you have available dates and places to register.


Whether you are professionals in the hotel or catering sector, or just are coffee lovers who want to learn new techniques to surprise your guests, we have a specific course for you. Do not miss the opportunity to start professionally in the “lateo” world.

The steps to complete the registration are very simple:

1º) You must choose the barista course for COMPANIES or the barista course for PARTICULARS.

2º) From the dates of the Calendar click on the one that interests you more to see the detail of the schedule, the location and the available places.

3º) If that course suits you well then click on the orange button of “Enroll”, which will take you to the reservation form.

4º) Fill in all the requested fields and click on the “Confirm your reservation”, button, which will link you to the payment gateway.

5º) Once managed the payment you will receive 2 mails, one in which we will confirm the registration as a user (if you are new to our website) and another in which we will confirm your registration in the course with the date and place detail.

The training courses will consist of three different phases:

1º) Know the raw material. This part will be given by David Migueltorena, our Director of Quality in Jurado Coffee, which will discuss the differences between Arabic and Robusta, the roasting point, the importance of selecting a good coffee and much more.

2º) The mill and the importance of a good milling. Teresa Rodríguez Juan, a barista trainer with extensive experience, will explain the keys to control the grinders and also to make good use of them. It will teach you in a very practical way how to grind the coffee to get the perfect coffee that is intended to be made.

3º ) Preparation of the Coffee Menu. Teresa will also teach you how to make 8 different coffee varieties and learn how to create your own coffee cards with more kinds and innovation, so that you will be able to satisfy any expectations of your customers or guests.

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The courses will be held in our facilities at Pla de la Vallonga Industrial Area in Alicante.. You can find us from here.

As you know the room in which the courses of our School of Coffee will be taught has been equipped with the best machines that today can be used. But in addition, we have all the necessary accessories to get you to learn the most professional keys and parameters essential for the preparation of an excellent coffee.

We are aware that one of the keys to offer quality training, besides having great professionals as trainers, is precisely to limit the places of people who can attend, as this allows us to work closely with each of you and dedicate as long as you need.

If you want to enroll in one of our courses and you have run out of place it is important that you know that throughout the year we will be adding new dates, so if you have real interest we recommend you visit our website or our social networks regularly or give you High on our website from here so that we keep you informed..

To the first 10 enrolled we will give you a Jurado apron, do not stay without yours.

Cursos para baristas

All is left to say: Welcome to the School of Coffee.

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