Buy The Best Coffee Beans Online in Spain

The bean coffee is the raw material what does reality all experience of drink a great cup of coffee. Café Jurado selected the best origins of café, that together with the experience of most than a hundred years in roasting, server to offer our customers a variety of exclusive products and proper name. The unmistakable flavor and textura is the consequence of a exhaustive elaboration and conservation process wich we have a final score that you can enjoy.


Tricks for making whole bean coffee.

Whole bean coffee is the perfect solution for people who not only enjoy drinking coffee, but also making it. Once open, we recommend you keep it in a hermetic container at room temperature and in a dark place in order to preserve its freshness and flavour. This is because, in terms of preservation, humidity, light and oxygen are its worst enemy.

The first thing we have to get ready is the water. If you live in an area with hard water or you just don’t like the taste of tap water, use the water that you usually drink so the taste of the coffee adapts better to your taste. If you use a French coffee maker, you have to boil the water in a pot. For coffee makers that you have to put on the stove, filter coffee makers or espresso coffee makers, this is usually not necessary because the machine itself brings the water to a temperature close to boiling.

The second step in order to enjoy whole bean coffee is to grind it before making it. Grinding the coffee at that exact moment and not before ensures that its aroma and flavour will be kept intact and intense. The secret is to just grind the beans you need to make the coffee, no more. Whole bean coffee can be ground more or less finely depending on the coffee maker you use to make it. Usually, the grinders can be regulated for a thinner or thicker grind. If you are going to use a filter coffee maker, the grind must be as thin as possible. For classic stove coffee makers, you can use the thicker grind and for espresso coffee makers you can use medium grind.

If you use a French coffee maker, add two spoons of ground coffee for every 180 millilitres of water. The amount of water will depend on the size of the cup of coffee you want, but the proportion is very important for the flavour. Pour the almost-boiled water directly into your French coffee maker, making sure that all the coffee is wet. You may notice when you pour it that ground coffee accumulates on the surface; remove it so more foam comes out. Let the coffee sit for between 2 and 4 minutes. Afterwards, put the filter on the press and immerse it by pushing it down. Your coffee will be ready to be served directly from the coffee jug to your cup.

For an espresso, pump or filter coffee maker, measure the ground coffee with the measuring cup. If you want the coffee to be very hot, a lot of machines have instructions for pre-heating. Put the coffee in the coffee deposit and follow the machine’s instructions. Take into account that the coffee will take between 15 and 20 seconds to come out. Once it is out of the coffee maker, your coffee is ready.

To complete your coffee, you can add hot milk or vegetable drink and sweeten it to taste with condensed milk or sweeteners. Done, now you can enjoy the pleasure of a good, just ground, coffee.