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We select the best coffee origins, then prepare it and package it in capsules, guaranteeing freshness and flavor throughout the process. Cafés Jurado has a wide assortment of flavors, formats and intensities.


Coffee capsules. A little bit of history.

The creation of coffee capsules has been a real revolution for infusion lovers and has also contributed to boosting the popularity of one of the most ancient drinks. There are a lot of ways of making good coffee, but espresso coffee is nowadays the favourite beverage of the big coffee lovers.

The Espresso was born in Italy in the early 20th century, but it was in 1961 that the first electric pump coffee maker was invented, in which the water passed through the coffee. This coffee maker was the predecessor of the current espresso coffee makers. However, it wasn’t until the mid-70s when espresso became extremely popular. The quality improvements of the coffee makers at the time made it easier for anyone to make the best Italian espresso at home or at the office and its consumption spread. Technology has evolved a lot since then and right now, because of their design and comfort, coffee makers with capsules are perfect for coffee making.

Espresso is made by injecting very hot pressurised water over the thinly ground coffee of the capsule for 20 or 25 seconds. The result is a dose of concentrated coffee topped with a creamy and delicate foam of ochre and chocolate brown colour. In this process, the machine punches a hole in the top of the capsule and injects pressurised water so the coffee grains swell until they reach a much bigger size. The pressure that generates inside the capsule deforms the membrane on the base of the capsule and embeds it in the barbs at the bottom of the coffee maker. The liquid reaches the cup through a filter and this way all the aromas are preserved.

The trick to making a good espresso is to put as much air as possible into the water before it comes in contact with the coffee. This way, the aromas and essential coffee oils oxidise and can be extracted faster. Out of this mix of air, water and oils, you get the espresso, a coffee with much more aroma and flavour than the rest.

Older coffee capsules weighted around 3 grams but the filter that was made mainly with aluminium weighted around 2 grams on its own. During its manufacturing process, tons of this material were wasted, which led to unsustainable energy expenditure. Thanks to new technological advances, the extraction method of the new coffee capsules removes the need to incorporate a filter, thereby saving a lot of resources.

The demand for coffee capsules in coffee shops, bars and restaurants, as well as in other establishments where coffee is regularly consumed, doesn’t stop growing. If in the past a good espresso was a precious and selective flavour, nowadays, coffee lovers can enjoy its bitter aroma and intense flavour easily and anywhere in the world. You must try the different flavours of our Café Jurado capsules.