Buy the Best Instant Soluble Coffee online in Spain

Intensidad, sabor, fuerza son los adjetivos que definen al mejor café soluble en diferentes formatos y para los paladares más exigentes. Disponemos de una gran variedad de formatos desde el 100% arábica hasta las mejores mezclas seleccionadas.


Instant Coffee

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How to make your instant coffee in 5 simple steps.

1. Heat a kettle or pot with water. If you live in an area with hard water or the tap water tastes bad, use your favourite spring water so the taste of the coffee adapts better to your palate.

If you use the microwave to heat the liquid, take into account that you mustn’t overheat it because the container might break. In order to avoid this, put a wooden popsicle stick in the liquid in the container or add a spoon of sugar or sweetener of your choice.

2. Put a spoon of instant coffee in a cup. Take into account that if by the end of its preparation it’s too strong or too weak for your taste, you can adjust the water or coffee proportion by adding more. It would be ideal to use the same spoon and the same cup every time you make instant coffee because if you change to a different size each time, it will be difficult to find the exact proportion you like.

3. Pour the previously heated water over the coffee in the cup. The instant coffee already has a unique taste because in its manufacturing process, it has already been extracted in water before being dried. This is why the temperature for this type of coffee is a lot less important than for regular coffee and it will also vary depending on your taste or heat tolerance.

4. Add the sugar or sweetener and you may also add previously heated milk or vegetable drink according to your taste. Even if you prefer black coffee, our instant coffee may be tastier with an additional flavour. Add the amount you want but make sure that the sweetener you choose has completely dissolved.

5. Try it and adjust it to your taste if necessary. The best way of finding your perfect coffee is experimenting with the measurements of the coffee, the liquid and the sweeteners. That’s why using the same cup and the same spoon will always serve as a good reference point for the water, sweetener and coffee proportion.