Jurado Organic Coffee and Infusions

Buying and using organic products not only can improve our health and our family’s, but can also help preserve the environment. Organic products are obtained through sustainable production systems, that is, in harmony with the environment. In our country, there is a regulation that has controlled organic certification of foods since 2000.

Coffee, in order to be considered organic coffee, must have certain characteristics, such as being produced under a reasonable use of natural resources, that during its production process no chemical products are used, that the biodiversity of the area of production is respected; it has to be packaged with recycled materials and it cannot affect the health of people or animals.

The fact that no chemical products are used in organic agriculture doesn’t mean that plantations aren’t controlled, it means that to take care of the plantations, insecticides and fungicides derived from organic products are used, which help control the plants’ pests and diseases naturally. In order to know how to identify organic products, we need to find the seal on the package that guarantees this condition. Furthermore, we can also check the product’s label to make sure that it doesn’t have chemical substances or other artificial or toxic components.

The plants we use to make our Organic infusions of fennel, chamomile, horsetail and green tea come exclusively from controlled organic production and are cultivated, harvested, dried and prepared with the utmost care to guarantee an optimal amount of essential oils.

The Jurado Organic products are food products that have not been handled with any type of pesticide or chemical product that doesn’t have a natural origin. All our products respect and comply with the cycles dictated by the nature of the food and, of course, have not been genetically modified.


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