Food supplement made of green coffee extract.

Polyphenols are antioxidant agents that help combat free radicals and help us deal with cell oxidisation. Green coffee, as it is not roasted, preserves its polyphenols better, which are absorbed in a greater amount than roasted coffee. Thanks to the fact that the release time of coffee in the blood is long, its beneficial effects can last in our organism up to 12 hours after being consumed.

Furthermore, the most important antioxidant active ingredient of this type of coffee is chlorogenic acid, which has an important role in preventing various illnesses associated with oxidative stress of the cells. Its high chlorogenic acid content also gives green coffee the ability to act as a regulator of the absorption speed of sugar in blood, which prolongs the feeling of fullness, helping weight loss.

Green coffee has a lower amount of caffeine compared to roast coffee, but it’s slightly higher than a decaf. At Café Jurado, you can buy green coffee in its decaffeinated version and as a food supplement, which is the easiest way of consuming it and not having to worry about the rest of the caffeine you consume during the day.

Try it now and start feeling radiant inside and out. To maximise its benefits, you must always consume the capsules in the recommended dose, never as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and preferably along with physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle.


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