Created in 1912 by Jurado family, the company specialized in the toast, manufacturing and elaboration of coffee in Spain (Alicante). We invite to go with us more of one hundred years of our history.



Image from 1888 of Don Manuel Jurado, one of the founders of the company.


Our Origins

In 1888 coindicing with the universal exhibition of Barcelona where it was presented the more sophisticated tecnologis advance at the moment, the Jurado family began to created it that was to start a bussines time linked to a product very family: The coffee.

In the present Café Jurado has the fourth generation of coffee growers, but nevertheless, we have back to 1912 year, to Manuel Jurado Mas and his spirit entrepreneur for to know his beginning bussines, always in the food industry, in Canarias Island and Marruecos. Thanks to his dedication and effort, Manuel built her first factory more than100 years ago in the neuralgic center for all citizens of Alicante at Maisonave avenue.

Already then, they were pioneers in our market, for example, getting to be one of principal Brand of coffee in Spain, thanks to the perseverance in the quality of their coffee, to the Fidelity of their customers and constant of new products in which the coffee it is the common denominator, through which the customer can taste a lot of mixed of diferents varieties wich quality unmatched.

historia3.pngJurado y Uriarte shop, 1888
1900 1945
historia4.pngJurado brothers, 1948

3ª Generation

The fame of coffee of the Jurado family continued in the 50s with de second generation of the hand of Mr. Manuel and Mr. José Jurado, who will be transferring the installations outside of the city for specialize in the toast, manufacturing and elaboration of coffee.

After of biger transformation and thanks to the third generation, wich the brothers Mr. Alfonso and D.Jose luís Jurado in front, Café Jurado it is one of the leaders in the Spanish food industry and exporter recognized of the food products.

In the strategy of Total quality by Jurado highlight the fact of has a direct control of crop processes and the plantations of coffee, harvest and benefited of green coffee that use and assures us a trazability of coffee total upward until of coffee tree.

Café Jurado it distinguishes for his handcrafted tradition, as we control all transformations since the beggining until the diferents paking lines.

historia5.pngNougat and coffee factory, 1945
historia6.pngNougat and coffee factory, 1945
historia7.pngNougat and coffee factory, 1945
1950 1990

New outside


In the year 97 Café Jurado took a step forward in his strategy of Total Quality, addresing important investment of reengineering and improvement tecnologic in his processing plant of coffee, have meant the incorporation of new elements and equipment for improvement of production, to be able the mean brands of coffee in Spain and development to wide range of products where collect all speciality of coffee, through of de mixed and his differents varieties.

Finally, Café Jurado also to be a company wich a clear trajectory of grow and sucess, too colaborate with diferents social associations, in which it should be noted for their Alliance with other countrys in the world covennat of unites nations, which his undertakes for compliance of ten principles about sustainable development and his corporato social responsability.


In the present

The sucess trajectory of Café Jurado always has went acompained for selects requirements and commitment of quality, which begin in our cultivation process and culminate in the palate of a demanding customar.

Follow the actual trends we have want materialize de essecie of Café Jurado, lauching of concept store in the heart of the city; a ideal place care to he slightest detail for offer to our customer the best of speriences. Similarly we promote a new proyect Ecommerce and sale online in the differents marketsplaces, which closet he circle of markets.

We cross border

In our commitment to offer to our customer a producto of quality, eagerness intervenes for grow up and wide the taste and the Good work of Café Jurado. In the actuality we are presents more of 20 countrys and we have a installations be able to gave the best services to clients and dealers far and wide of planet.

The proyect of expansión of Café Jurado, has a purpose increase value of the Brand, wich their products, trought of use of piooners tecnologys in the market. The opening of new market, as nationals as internationals is other of purposses of Jurado Hermanos for de next years.

And is that, if something we have clear, is we owe to the market and the remarkable of keep to transmit the culture of coffee.