Quality Guaranteed

Each bean of coffee. Each packaing, each box and each sip of Café Jurado are such as a form of magic alchemy, result of a complex process of selection and manufacturing. In the long way from the bean until the cup there is some alternatives more cheap and fast to do what we do. But there isn,t way the best coffee in a traditional way.

Wich the clear knowledge that a one bean of coffee defective can spoil whole lot, we do a exhaustive monitoring of the quality of each on of their, fosusing in the small details.

Selection origin


Our commitment go until the place where the origin of the beans coffee, so Café Jurado do a supervisión of the plantations of coffee tree in their origin countrys and becomes in a basic requirement for garanteed the best quality of raw material.

To guarantee this quality Jurado has a relations of commitment to long term and loyalty wich local producers for acquire the coffee productions, as well as make available all tecnic help and profesional help we need in the farm, fine tunning the amount and effectiveness in the farm with the ultimate goal of have a quality product.


The basis of our quality lies in the careful selection of the origins of the coffee, taking into account some of the specific characteristics such as aroma, flavor and body, etc. But we go a step further by paying special attention to the regions where it is grown, factors such as terrain, altitude, latitude, humidity, rain and sun.

Harvesting by hand is the one chosen to harvest the beans with which we produce most of our coffees. Despite being the most complicated and least economical, it is the most detailed, allowing us to harvest the best beans at the right time to achieve the unique degrees of intensity, creaminess and aroma.

Servicio de Calidad



The guarantee of quality, safety and commitment to products is a priority in our day to day. For this reason, the traceability of the same is meticulously taken care of for each phase of the production process, through a food quality management system. All our products are certified and meet the requirements of the International Food Standard, one of the strictest certification in the food sector.

At Café Jurado we work with products from both conventional agriculture and organic and fair trade agriculture. We have the certifications of the CAE Organic Agriculture Committee that regulate compliance with the application of the regulations in this matter.


We have our own laboratory located in the factory facilities in which we prepare the tests and recipes of the different products related to coffee and which are contrasted with tests in external laboratories to achieve the best result.

Each bag of coffee and raw material goes through different stages of quality control: before purchase, a tasting of the different origins is carried out, when the goods are received at the factory, after mixing and after processing. With this control system we make the decision if a sample meets the requirements of our specialist.



As we already mentioned, the raw materials go through a control of appearance, aroma and flavor. In which our tasters and collaborators check samples of each coffee blend.

Similarly, before the purchase, evaluations and scores of the different origins are made, before it reaches our toasting machines. Test that must be passed with a note to bear the Café Jurado seal of quality distributed to millions of homes and consumers of good coffee.

Pioneer Tecnologic



In our facilities we have pioneering technologies in the roasting, packaging and manufacturing of coffee. All of our products are made by machines specially developed for us. Especially highlight our latest scent encapsulation system.



All our blends, coffee and tea boxes are temporarily stored until export in modern warehouses specifically designed to keep them unchanged until the moment of distribution and delivery to every cafeteria or home on the planet arrives.

Investigation, Development and Innovation

I + D + I


Every year we test different new mixtures, combining and tasting an endless number of different samples, until we reach the development of the final product. Green tests and evaluations, different types of roasting, adjustment of the grind, parametrized and meticulous extractions are some of the daily tasks of our specialists to achieve that differentiation that characterizes us. An example of this is the latest development in Aroma Capsules that will soon sweeten the palates of the most exquisite coffee lovers.


Our unique and incomparable flavor would not be possible without the qualified human team that makes up Jurado Hermanos. A team made up of professional tasters certified as Q Grader by the SCA, the highest distinction in the tasting and evaluation of origin coffees.

This allows every Coffee Blend to be perfectly balanced, since coffee is a natural product and each harvest has different characteristics that need to be balanced. This is where the figure of our laboratory colleagues has a special role, examining hundreds of samples until reaching the final mixture.